Digital Ad Formats

Designed to seamlessly integrate with PIN–UP's online environment, our exclusive ad formats leverage high quality visuals built specifically for our audience, resulting in increased engagement.

Width: 325px
Height: 500px
Format: JPG PNG GIF iFrame
Maximum Initial File Size: 1MB

Width: 700px
Height: 500px
Format: JPG PNG GIF iFrame
Maximum Initial File Size: 1MB

Width: 640px
Height: 360px
Format: JPG PNG GIF MP4 iFrame
Maximum Initial File Size: 1MB
Homepage only
Desktop only (screen size larger than 700px)

General Guidelines & Requirements:

• All 3rd party tags (creative serving and tracking-only) and accompanying technologies being served by the tags must be SSL (https) and Safeframe Compliant.

• All units need to be built in HTML5, JPG or GIF. Flash is no longer supported.

• All sound in ads must be click-initiated.

• Max of 1 code change per week, unless otherwise specified.

• All assets must be delivered 10-15 business days in advance.

• FlexXL formats with full-bleed video must be user-initiated click-to-play.


• Flash cookies, HTML5 storage or any forms of Locally Stored.

• Objects on users’ computers or technology devices.

• Redirects (only direct requests can be made).


• We do not permit overlay or pushdown/expandable formats.

• Flash content and Flash fallback (SWFs and FLVs) are not accepted.

• If a tag doesn't conform to our performance or reliability standards, we reserve the right to pause or stop the campaign.