THE PIN–UP BOARD – Connections, an experimental design studio in the California Desert. Photographed for PIN–UP by Zoë GhertnerTHE PIN–UP BOARD – Selfie Lounge with Analisa Teachworth on Yrjö Kukkapuro's Karuselli lounge chairPORTFOLIO – Colorama with a collection of items chosen by Paloma Powers FEATURE – An interview with Mario Botta, the local hero from Ticino who's earned his international stripes PORTRAITS – An interview with Sou Fujimoto, architecture's gentleman farmer knows to reap what he's sownFeature – An interview with Kelly Wearstler, the laid-back L.A. mixologist with a knack for making the best of everythingFEATURE – The living room in the Bellagio Residence designed by Kelly Wearstler © Grey CrawfordFEATURE – An Interview with Kulapat Yantrasast, the Thai-born design polymath authors his own architecture recipesPANORAMA – Men and The Mirror FEATURE SPECIAL – An interview with Carla Juaçaba, a lyrical poet of architecture breaking the mold of the Brazilian architecture scene PORTFOLIO – A close look at Wolfgang Tillmans's Book for Architects, a homage to the everyday built environmentPORTFOLIO – Exhibition image from Wolfgang Tilmans Book for ArchitectsPORTFOLIO – An ode to symmetry by Tom HancocksPORTFOLIO – Facts about flowers with photography by Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth AbbenesPORTFOLIO – View of Daniele Balice's petite Parisian party pad. Adorned with the works of Le Corbusier, Alexander May, and Bethan Laura Wood.PIN–UP SPECIAL – Featuring a 40 page Norway Special photographed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby  PIN–UP SPECIAL, NORWAY – Partial view of the mural St. Hallvard in Oslo City Hall.PIN–UP SPECIAL, NORWAY – On left, three dancers from artist Steinar Haga Kristensen's opera The Loneliness of the Index Finger (Part II). On right, shacks near Jølster.PIN–UP SPECIAL, NORWAY – The Oslo Opera House by architecture firm Snøhetta.BLESS, PIN–UP BABY BOOM – Celebrating a baby boom among dear friends and contributors, a new collection of baby jumpers by BLESS with quilted drawings of Omran Chouly.

The Local Hero From Ticino Who’s Earned His International Stripes
Interview by Carson Chan
Portraits by Lukas Wassmann

Architecture’s Gentleman Farmer Knows How to Reap What He’s Sown
Interview by Kevin Greenberg
Portraits by Jeremy Liebman

The Laid-Back L.A. Mixologist with a Knack for Making the Best of Everything
Interview by Michael Bullock
Portraits by Therese + Joel

The Thai-Born Design Polymath Authors His Own Architectural Recipes
Interview by Eva Munz
Portraits by Todd Cole

A Lyrical Poet of Architecture Breaking The Mold of The Brazilian Architecture Scene
Interview by Karen Wong
Portraits by Javier Augustín Rojas

ALSO IN THE ISSUE: Wolfgang Tillmans’s a tender homage to the everyday built environment; an architectural ode to symmetry by Tom Hancocks; color-coded design crushes by Tauba Auerbach, Monica Khemsurov, Ambra Medda, and Paloma Powers, a beautiful bouquet of the most common bodega flowers, photographed by Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes; a petite yet well-appointed party pad in Paris by gallerist Daniele Balice; a short history of the ubiquitous mirrored glass façade; close encounters with the Met’s new architecture curator Beatrice Galilee, set-designer-to the-stars Marla Weinhoff, lighting whiz Michael Anastassiades, pottery poet Ron Nagle, Chilean architecture sensation Pezo von Ellrichshausen, and design virtuosos Nanu al Hamad, Jonathan Muecke, and Josh Bitelli. Not to mention a series of the most beautiful lounge chairs tested out by artist Analisa Teachworth.

PLUS: essays on the 20th-century architect Giuseppe Pagano, who thrived for perfect mediocrity; a demystification of space travel by Pippin Wigglesworth Weider; and a mournful farewell to Hans Hollein’s only U.S. project on New York’s Upper East Side.

AND: a 40-page Norway Special photographed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby, and Seven Portraits, a supplement in collaboration with the artist David Hartt and the IIT College of Architecture, introducing the nominees of the inaugural Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize.